The problem
86% of Armenia's current exports are agriculture and raw materials (metals, mining products, etc.) — this is a very weak position for becoming a prosperous country, as it is no longer scalable.

Contrary to that, tech IS scalable. However, it requires highly-intellectual work based on professionalism. This is hard to achieve in a small country, leading to most projects being outsourced.

Our solution
BuildUp uses peer-to-peer and problem-based learning to disrupt and create new standards for the way professionals in the Armenian tech industry are taught. We believe we can change the country's outsource-oriented mindset to a product-oriented one — developing an exceptional network of engineers, marketers, sales professionals, and product managers who are technically brilliant, collaborative, supportive, and passionate about pushing the professional community of Armenia forward.

How do we achieve results?
First, we've built a community of 200+ top Founders, CEOs, and Directors from the Armenian technology industry worldwide. These leaders will each invest $100 per month for the next two years to help build problem-based learning programs that will level up local specialists, whom they (and their companies) can hire immediately after graduation.

Second, we find the most motivated and promising students and provide them a supportive environment in which to grow — including internationally prominent tutors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, agile coaches, and like-minded peers. This atmosphere helps them grow faster, learn to work in multidisciplinary teams, and most importantly create digital products from scratch.

This diagram describes in detail the lifecycle of a BuildUp student.


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