Changing the mindset of a nation

We realize there are many issues in Armenia requiring urgent attention, but nothing is as effective as investing in education — which can bring big value to each individual and the whole country. With BuildUp, we are using education to advance the quality of the technology industry in Armenia.

Our goal is to help Armenia switch from an outsourcing-driven economy to a product-based one. All of our programs are developed by International Tutors and Local Experts (Deans) into a comprehensive curriculum that ultimately teaches students how to solve problems and become critical thinkers. All students participate in a standard online learning Bootcamp for each program, however with a unique twist of cooperation toward building real-life products. Students are grouped into teams to develop products with mentors, deans, and tutors. We teach the mindset of professionals in the field, as it is the only way to act effectively in real business situations.

Every immersive program is an advanced online residency, designed to help individuals launch a meaningful and successful career. Our focus is on individuals with some working background, but we also support career changers coming from non-traditional backgrounds (e.g., banking, accountants, musicians).
Our programs teach an immense amount of material, covering both fundamental concepts and modern technologies, yet all done online with international tutors.

However, we also provide all the resources anyone needs to develop further. From hands-on instruction to 1-on-1 feedback sessions, students have access to guidance and learning opportunities. As mentioned, all sessions will be conducted online with professional tutors, but all other collaborations within the batch of students are done offline.

At BuildUp, we are building a lifelong learning program. Students receive a high-quality education and career boost supported by top industry professionals. Afterwards, once they start earning a net $X monthly salary, they must come back and join us as community members, based on the contract they sign. Once alumni join back, they will become roaming students again for any program they want and continue their education with all the business cases we will offer based on products in every batch.

Selection process

Our selection process is performed solely online with simple assessment tools (CodeSignal) and short video interviews (VCV). After we establish a shortlist, our corporate psychologist then assesses the motivation of candidates from interview videos, and applicants are given access to the final selection tests (Cauldron). Once complete, final tests are double-blind checked by our deans and tutors to keep scoring honest and free of any bias.

Upcoming Programs

16 Week Program
Product Management Pro

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16 Week Program
Product Design Pro

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16 Week Program
Digital Marketing Level Up

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16 Week Program
B2B Sales Level Up

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16 Week Program
Advanced Full-Stack Development

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16 Week Program
Advanced Back-End Development

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Learn now and pay later

The BuildUp model is designed to facilitate learning (without cost as a barrier to entry), yet with a pre-negotiated plan for payment after achieving career advancement.

Students will receive a high-quality education and career boost supported by top industry professionals (CEOs and Founders), but after they begin earning a net $X/month salary, they are then required to repay the community ($100 monthly) by joining as a member for a minimum duration, based on the amount BuildUp has invested in each student.

Once alumni are back at BuildUp paying forward their community membership, they can rejoin any program again as a roaming student. They won’t be required to work on any products, but can enroll in any program (one per batch) and continue learning. Our goal is to introduce lifelong learning to our community, from alumni to trustees.

Anyone who joins the BuildUp program is part of our family as a full member of the community, and will always have our support for both networking and their career.


1. Will I receive a certificate upon program completion?

No. BuildUp does not provide certificates, however for each course you take we will list your name on our website as having successfully completed that course. Rather than simply a certificate, our aim is to provide tangible results for you from BuilUp, such as salary increase and better job satisfaction.

2. What are the minimum qualifications to apply?

To view the required qualifications, please check the "You should have" section on each program page.

3. How does the bootcamp work? What will I get out of it?

At BuildUp, we train mid-level specialists to become high-performance professionals capable of solving complex problems. We invest in you, and then you pay it forward to the industry in the future.

4. I’m not currently based in Yerevan. Can I apply to the bootcamp?

Yes and No. If you are ready to move to Yerevan and work/live here for 16 weeks, then yes. But for the first year, we will only be accepting applications from people who can work every evening with a small team based in Yerevan. This may change soon, so please continue to follow us.

5. How much does it cost?

The beauty of BuildUp is that no payment is required at the beginning. (However, you will be required to pay 1700$ USD eventually). We offer a special agreement called an ISA (Income Sharing Agreement), which means that you don't owe a payment when accepted, but once your salary reaches a specific level, you will be required to come back to our community, become part of it, and pay it forward in the form of 100$ USD dollars per month for 17 continuous months. Please note these terms may change in the future.

6. Can I apply without any previous experience?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Currently, BuildUp is focused on mid-level professionals. We've structured it this way because students need to work on real-world problems with the team, and the whole team is dependent on each team member. Therefore, greater experience is required. However, we may be able to provide entry-level courses in the future.

7. What is the time commitment?

First off, note that education at BuildUp is entirely online and all of our tutors are remote. So you’ll be able to learn whenever it is convenient for you. The total duration of each course is 16 weeks. However, during each course, we also require evening hours to engage and collaborate with the team, which will take place at ImpactHub Yerevan after 7 pm on working days.

8. What is the language of instruction?

All instruction will take place in English. Though you can still work and chat with peers in Armenian. All of BuildUp’s materials, live sessions, and office hours with tutors will be in English. So if you have professional working proficiency in speaking and reading in English, that is more than enough. 

9. What support do you offer to students during the program?

You will have tutors, deans, and mentors to support you on your coursework and product development. However, we also have program managers and a full operations team to help with every aspect of the Bootcamp.

10. How many hours will mentors dedicate to teams?

Each mentor's commitment is one call per week. But don't forget every mentor is offering the problem(challenge) that are very passionate about. So you will need to communicate directly with mentors on topics that they can support more.

11. What if I already have a job, should I start paying that monthly 100$ right after finishing the course?

It doesn't matter if you have a job or not. We are just saying that your salary will grow in 12 months after graduation. If that happens, you will have to come back and pay $100 for 17 months. If not, then you owe us nothing.

12. Should I meet with my team daily or on certain days of the week?

Yes, you must meet with your team every day on weekdays after work at 7PM.

13. I am a full-stack developer and entrepreneur as well but I see you are not allowing CEO or founders, why?

If you have a current full-time job, that's fine. Don't worry if you've done a few side projects. But if your only income is from your company, you cannot apply. We create education for people who create solutions. Entrepreneurs are a different type, it's harder to build an education for them.