Advanced Front-End Development

Advanced Front-End Development

At BuildUp Bootcamp, you will gain hands-on experience in critical aspects of Front-End Web Development with TypeScript, which will help you to deliver high-quality products from scratch to the market. The program requires about 10-12 hours per week and takes place only during evening hours (~19:00-21:00).

During the course of 16 weeks, you will practice how to effectively build websites using modern JavaScript UI frameworks, use type-safe GraphQL APIs, write automated UI tests, apply performance improvements and other optimizations in your app, and deploy and monitor your project in a cloud environment. At BuildUp, you will use AWS, and at the end of the Bootcamp, you'll have experience with all services necessary for Front-end application deployment, including but not limited to, AWS Amplify, Route 53, S3, and Cloudfront.

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Skills you will build up

You will become a rockstar Front-End Developer able to design, deliver, and grow products of any complexity for any market.

You will be able to think critically and effectively, thriving in solving problems and reducing the level of ambiguity for your team.

You will learn how to find and fulfill the needs of your market, product, and team.

You will become effective at finding the multiple solutions for your task at hand, offer alternatives with different pros and cons, and to help the team decide on the best one.

You will learn how to communicate effectively with various stakeholders within an organization. As a front-end dev, you will interact with various if not all parts of the code and will have to explain to relevant teammates in simple and efficient ways.

You will learn how to execute on a daily basis, ruthlessly prioritizing and delivering.

You will learn how to design and build the product experience that does the job for your users and makes them want to stay and use the product.

You will learn how to measure success and optimize your and your team’s efforts over time.

Who can join the program?

This program is designed for mid-level Front-End Developers who aspire to become rock stars in their work and is not suitable for people who are just beginning their journey in Front-End Development.

You should have:
  • Worked with a team to develop and ship a small product feature.
  • Worked with a developer and product team to understand, design, and ship code that matches your stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Worked with a product designer to convert their visions into code.
  • Developed and shipped a product or a feature of your own but weren’t able to grow the customer base for it.
  • Didn’t have a chance to define the product development and growth strategy.
  • Executed daily on product development with a cross-functional team.
  • Regularly faced prioritization challenges.
  • Find problem solving a rewarding and necessary part of your daily work.
  • Like to be in new and unknown territory where you have to learn things from scratch.
You are not good fit if:
  • Haven’t worked as a front-end developer professionally.
  • Haven’t been a part of a full development life cycle including initial setup, development, deployment, and continuous improvement.
  • Have no experience collaborating with others on a team including other developers, product managers, designers.
  • Only want to do exactly what you are assigned or told.
  • Don’t want to learn new skills or different ways to do what you already know.
  • Don’t want to have to learn from or teach your peers.
  • Don’t want to spend time to understand precise requirements coming from all members of your cross-functional team, or don’t want to spend time and effort to make sure that your other teammates understand the technical information you are trying to relay.

The most practical method

Education at BuildUp is work-driven and focused on functional skills. You’ll apply what you learn in practice — building and delivering real products with cross-functional teams.

Students at BuildUp work. They solve problems on a daily basis, becoming deadly effective at it by the end of their programs.

Moreover, your team has full ownership of the product. Check out these products already created at BuildUp.

Why BuildUp

Here is a rough timeline showing all the tasks you’ll learn to accomplish during your BuildUp education. Besides solving these challenges, you’ll also develop a comprehensive understanding of other professions in relation to your own. Such experience will be very useful as you get promoted and begin working with more professionals from other disciplines.

Explore the full program schedule:

The skill tree of the program

Community — your key to accelerated growth

At BuildUp, we're building a modern educational culture that redefines how community and learning come together.

Being part of any BuildUp program means you’ll have access to our community of world-class professionals. With every new program we launch and every batch we start, your network will get stronger and your growth will accelerate.

BuildUp method

This is your career boost

Live Case Studies Each Week

Each week, you will go deeper by attending a live online session via Zoom where the tutor will walk through a real-life scenario applying the concepts you learned. Live sessions are 2 hours and take place weekly during a cohort. Hear how industry leaders from companies like Tripadvisor, Tinder, Uber, and more have addressed similar challenges.

Work in Team and Peer-to-peer Culture Learning

Every week there will be optional opportunities to connect with peers in the cohort solving similar problems to you. Join a small group to discuss applying the concepts, attend/host a community deep-dive session on a special topic, or discuss questions within the forum and Slack.

Apply the Problem Solving Methodology

Translate the frameworks to your company with active, hands-on exercises, worksheets, and weekly micro-projects. Expect to spend about 2 hours a week on active learning. A plan for action: Build a plan that you can take back to your company. Start small, achieve results, and amplify your impact.

Who will lead the program

Trey Eckels

Trey Eckels


Trey is a Software Engineering Manager at Pindrop Security. His tenure includes teaching several full-stack engineering bootcamps for Trilogy at George Washington University and Georgia Tech as well as working as a full-stack engineer for Silicon Valley giants LinkedIn and Google, news giants The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Boston Globe, and high-end clients such as LG, Coca-Cola, and Hilton through the consulting firm iCrossing.

Mesrop Minasyan

Mesrop Minasyan


Mesrop is a perfect front-end guru who has worked on various complex products in his career. Very professional and very enthusiastic with excellent problem-solving skills.

Reasons to apply

An evening program

BuildUp is flexible. If you have free hours in the evening after work, you can easily learn with us, and your main job won’t suffer. You will need to learn 6 hours per week of online content with only 2 hours of live calls with tutors, and then it is an offline meeting with your team in a local Co-working space in Yerevan.

You think you have a top job and salary...but do you?

Sure, if you are a VP of Engineering at Microsoft, you can ignore this. But if you want to be one in the next 10 years, please apply here.

Consumed by your “Levi” every night?

You don't want to work a second job your whole life, right? Why not learn now and upgrade your salary, so you can better enjoy life.

You’ll own the product

This is not just another internship. You’ll build a product with the team, and you’ll own the product with your team.

Your current learning from seniors is too slow

You may be learning in your current job. And it might be enough if you want to become a professional in 3-5 years. At BuildUp, you can do it in 4 months and with a whole new perspective.

And these other points to consider

All of our tutors are top-level professionals. We teach mindset, so you’ll learn critical thinking and complex problem-solving. You’ll be part of a multi-disciplinary team solving real-life problems. And eventually, see the incredible community that will mentor you.


1. What is a Full Stack?

Full-stack refers to a developer’s ability to work across the front-end/client-side, back-end/server-side, database, and DevOps areas of code. It is normal to have an emphasis on one of the areas, but you can generally understand and work on these parts of the projects.

2. Is it realistic to learn so many languages so fast?

Coding languages follow the same concepts. Once you understand the underlying programming concepts, you can use them in different languages. When you start learning these different languages, you will find that they have different strengths and weaknesses, and one language may help you better understand another.

3. What if I don’t get a job?

Getting a job is not guaranteed, but good professionals are in high demand, and this experience will highlight you to your future employers and distinguish you from your competition. In the end, every person must work for and earn a job themselves, but we will be on your team as you search for your next job. You will benefit from the BuildUp network which includes your teammates, cohorts, alumni, tutors, deans, mentors, business partners, and more. In short, you will have a much better chance after you BuildUp!

4. How many people are going to be in my class? If I have a question will the instructor be able to answer?

Your class structure is such that there will be a focus on peer-to-peer learning. This means that you should prioritize learning with your teammates and classmates; this may include you asking for their help, helping them, or learning something new together. To assist you in the cases you will need, there will be office hours to speak with your programs’ tutor, dean, and mentor. 

5. I can’t pay during the program, what are my options to defer payment?

You won’t have to pay in advance. Instead, you will be sponsored by our generous partners and will start making monthly payments after you will find your next job. Please refer to BuildUp’s payment plan for details.

6. What happens if it’s too difficult for me and I have to drop out?

The program is very competitive to join. Those who do will need the skills to perform their function on a lean, cross-functional team where they will be the only ones with their knowhow to guide the team in that regard and do all the work. BuildUp’s front-end focused full-stack developers will be responsible for building most (if not all) of the front-end of the project as well as much of the back end.

7. Where are the Coding Boot Camp classes held?

The lectures will be live, online sessions that you will regularly attend with your classmates. Then you will meet in person with your teammates to collaborate on your project. 

8. Can I keep working while studying in the program?

The program is very demanding and will require many hours of your work for lectures and other learning as well as a team and individual work. But you still can work as you will need to devote time to this mostly after work.

9. How much does it cost?

The beauty of BuildUp is that no payment is required at the beginning. However, you will be required to pay 1700$ USD eventually. We offer a special agreement called an ISA (Income Sharing Agreement), which means that you don't owe a payment when accepted, but once your salary reaches a specific level, you will be required to come back to our community, became part of it, and pay it forward in the form of 100$ USD dollars per month for 17 continuous months. Please note these terms may change in the future.

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