Product Design Pro

Product Design Pro

Product Designers define the product experience by understanding user needs and business objectives. Product designers are the bridges between the product management and engineering teams and often are the client-facing communicators. They can be responsible for many things related to the product, including research, idea generation, rapid prototyping, user testing, and more.

As a student of Product Design at BuildUp, you will learn from a tutor, who is an industry professional with a proven track record of building products people love. You will work with mentors who will guide you on solving real-world problems in their industries. You will work with a cross-functional team to build and ship a real product, instantly applying your knowledge on practice under the guidance of your tutor and mentors.

Learn Now and Pay Later

Once your salary has reached the target level, you can make this payment in $100 installments over a 17-month period.

Our price: $1700

Industry price: $4000

Become a student
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Reasons to apply

An evening program

BuildUp is flexible. If you have free hours in the evening after work, you can easily learn with us, and your main job won’t suffer. You will need to learn 6 hours per week of online content with only 2 hours of live calls with tutors, and then it is an offline meeting with your team in a local Co-working space in Yerevan.

You think you have a top job and salary...but do you?

Sure, if you are a VP of Engineering at Microsoft, you can ignore this. But if you want to be one in the next 10 years, please apply here.

Consumed by your “Levi” every night?

You don't want to work a second job your whole life, right? Why not learn now and upgrade your salary, so you can better enjoy life.

Your dream is to work for...Google?

What if PicsArt is sold to Google tomorrow? Would you be qualified to work there? We’ll help you hone your skills so the world's leading tech companies can hire you.

You’ll own the product

This is not just another internship. You’ll build a product with the team, and you’ll own the product with your team.

You want to build hugely successful products

Join us if you want to learn how to apply your skills to make the next big digital product.

Your current learning from seniors is too slow

You may be learning in your current job. And it might be enough if you want to become a professional in 3-5 years. At BuildUp, you can do it in 4 months and with a whole new perspective.

And these other points to consider

All of our tutors are top-level professionals. We teach mindset, so you’ll learn critical thinking and complex problem-solving. You’ll be part of a multi-disciplinary team solving real-life problems. And eventually, see the incredible community that will mentor you.

Skills you will build up

You will learn how to conduct user research, define user problems and clarify business objectives.

You will learn how to create personas, storyboarding, and user journeys.

You will learn how to design information architecture and intuitive navigation.

You will learn how to create wireframes and user flows.

You will learn how to prototype and test your concepts.

You will learn how to create visual design concepts, apply color theory and typography for the web.

You will learn how to communicate and collaborate with cross-functional partners.

Are you fit to join the program?

You’re a good fit for this program if you have 3+ years of experience as a designer working on digital experiences. Extensive experience in using UX design best practices to design solutions. Ability to iterate designs and solutions efficiently. Work closely with PMs to determine project goals and timelines. Define, craft, and evolve designs within visual systems. Passionate about resolving user pain points through great design. Proactively provide feedback to continually raise the bar for quality. Be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.

You should have:
  • 1+ Years of Professional Experience in UX, UI or Product design
  • Design Role
  • Strong Initiative
You are not good fit if:
  • Entry Level
  • Career Switching
  • CEO or Founder

Who will lead the program

Anthony Conta

Anthony Conta

Award Winning Product Design Leader | Internationally Published Game Inventor | Design Educator, Instructor, & Mentor

Over the last eight years, he has created products that both educate and entertain across a variety of industries. He has made educational games for teenagers, interactive videos for children, and SaaS platforms for adults. Currently, works at Vimeo, helping to define the UX/UI of a live streaming platform for creators and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Ani Abgaryan

Message from Dean

Ani Abgaryan

Ani is a Product design lead and consultant passionate about new ways of learning, design leadership, and social entrepreneurship.
She has been focused on deconstructing and solving complex design problems with teams at Google, UN Global Pulse, USAID, Novartis, Draper Associates, and others. She also led Design Thinking workshops for entrepreneurs.

What you will learn from the program

Deep Learning Guided By A Leading Executive

Each week you will go through 2 to 3 hours of self-paced material covering actionable frameworks and proven systems created by leading executives for B2B & B2C companies.

Topic 1
Introduction to Course
Topic 2
Topic 3

Why BuildUp?

Students at BuildUp study online via live sessions, online materials, and office hours with their tutor. Our eduction is work driven, focused on teaching complex problem solving and putting what you have learned into practice immediately.

Along with mentors, the learning and product building process at BuildUp is also guided by tutors and deans, who are renowned experts in their fields. The Mentor Network at BuildUp is ever-growing!

Working in multi-disciplinary teams, students at BuildUp create, deliver, and market real products that solve real customer problems.

Eduction here is lifelong, as students have the opportunity to come back and join more advanced programs as they grow professionally.

Why BuildUp

The BuildUp methodology

At BuildUp, we're building a modern education method that redefines how a community can learn together. In our case, we learn together through multi-disciplinary teamwork working on real-life products.

Students are grouped into teams to develop products with mentors, tutors, and deans. Through this collaboration, they learn the mindset of professionals in the field and how to perform effectively in real business situations.

BuildUp method

Here are the cornerstones of the BuildUp experience:

Cohort Based Programs
  • 16-weeks, part-time, virtual, and intense
  • Built and led by executives
  • Real-life product-focused
  • Live case studies with a cohort of peers
  • Access content from all programs
  • Step-by-step projects to help you execute
  • Weekly releases, events, and updates
  • Connect with peers solving similar problems

This is your career boost

Live Case Studies Each Week

Each week, you will go deeper by attending a live online session via Zoom where the tutor will walk through a real-life scenario applying the concepts you learned. Live sessions are 2 hours and take place weekly during a cohort. Hear how industry leaders from companies like Tripadvisor, Tinder, Uber, and more have addressed similar challenges.

Work in Team and Peer-to-peer Culture Learning

Every week there will be optional opportunities to connect with peers in the cohort solving similar problems to you. Join a small group to discuss applying the concepts, attend/host a community deep-dive session on a special topic, or discuss questions within the forum and Slack.

Apply the Problem Solving Methodology

Translate the frameworks to your company with active, hands-on exercises, worksheets, and weekly micro-projects. Expect to spend about 2 hours a week on active learning. A plan for action: Build a plan that you can take back to your company. Start small, achieve results, and amplify your impact.


1. How is this bootcamp different from other Product Design programs?

Our global community and international tutors and mentors are the key differentiators of this Bootcamp. You will have access to the best specialists in the Armenian tech community and will be guided by tutors and mentors with global experience and mindset. Also, this program will replicate an actual product building experience where students will practice leading design direction effectively and confidently.

2. What kind of backgrounds do people have that take this bootcamp?

It is important for you to have a background in digital design and at least 3+ years of work experience. This program is not created for beginners, a mid-level knowledge and experience in design theory, processes and techniques are necessary for this bootcamp.

3. What design tools will be used during this program? 

Having at least a basic knowledge of Figma is recommended to collaborate with the team more easily and effectively. Using other design tools are up to the student.

4. How much does it cost?

The beauty of BuildUp is that no payment is required at the beginning. However, you will be required to pay 1700$ USD eventually. We offer a special agreement called an ISA (Income Sharing Agreement), which means that you don't owe a payment when accepted, but once your salary reaches a specific level, you will be required to come back to our community, became part of it, and pay it forward in the form of 100$ USD dollars per month for 17 continuous months. Please note these terms may change in the future.