B2B Sales Level Up

B2B Sales Level Up

B2B Sales Expert is the one who helps businesses to keep pace with changes and remain ahead of the competition. B2B sales have bigger volumes, a longer sales cycle, and are much more complex. The program requires about 10-12 hours per week and takes place only during evening hours (~19:00-21:00).

As a student of B2B Sales at BuildUp, you will learn from tutors with proven track records of successfully expanding businesses across the globe. You will acquire the most essential skills and learn techniques to systematically boost your performance such as conducting interviews and Demos, creating and testing strategies. You will work with a cross-functional team to build and ship a real product, instantly applying your knowledge on practice under the guidance of your tutor and mentors.

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Skills you will BuildUp

You will face self-reflection to identify your weakest points and start improving them.

You will become skilled and agile to stay out in front of your customers.

You will learn the key sales negotiation techniques and practice them.

You will improve your presentation and pitching skills.

You will learn how to set objectives along with the stepping stones (key results) on the way to achieving them.

You will learn how to design business development strategies, including market research, budgeting, choosing relevant entry strategies, etc.

You will learn how to set data-driven metrics and integrate those into your day-to-day work.

You will discover agile tactics, tools, and tips for great teamwork.

You will get familiar with the most beneficial online tools supporting the whole sales cycle.

When entering a new market, you will learn how to benefit from the diaspora, various unions, and governmental organizations.

You will learn to use existing accounts to boost sales - upsell, finding white spaces in a customer account, building a customer profile, etc.

Who can join the program?

You are a good fit for this program if you love working with people, have a passion for discovering new opportunities, and are determined to meet the goals. It would be best if you also had experience working with company's management executing the B2B sales strategy in foreign markets.

You should have:
  • Have agile mindset.
  • Are empathetic.
  • Regularly faced time management and prioritisation challenges.
  • Find problem-solving challenging.
You are not good fit if:
  • You’re in your first year in Sales and Business Development.
  • You’re at the cusp of a career switch.
  • You’re a poor communicator.
  • You’re a CEO or a Founder.

The most practical method

Education at BuildUp is work-driven and focused on functional skills. You’ll apply what you learn in practice — building and delivering real products with cross-functional teams.

Students at BuildUp work. They solve problems on a daily basis, becoming deadly effective at it by the end of their programs.

Moreover, your team has full ownership of the product. Check out these products already created at BuildUp.

Why BuildUp

Here is a rough timeline showing all the tasks you’ll learn to accomplish during your BuildUp education. Besides solving these challenges, you’ll also develop a comprehensive understanding of other professions in relation to your own. Such experience will be very useful as you get promoted and begin working with more professionals from other disciplines.

Explore the full program schedule:

The skill tree of the program

Community — your key to accelerated growth

At BuildUp, we're building a modern educational culture that redefines how community and learning come together.

Being part of any BuildUp program means you’ll have access to our community of world-class professionals. With every new program we launch and every batch we start, your network will get stronger and your growth will accelerate.

BuildUp method

This is your career boost

Live Case Studies Each Week

Each week, you will go deeper by attending a live online session via Zoom where the tutor will walk through a real-life scenario applying the concepts you learned. Live sessions are 2 hours and take place weekly during a cohort. Hear how industry leaders from companies like TripAdvisor, Tinder, Uber, and more have addressed similar challenges.

Work in Team and peer-to-peer culture learning

Every week there will be optional opportunities to connect with peers in the cohort solving similar problems to you. Join a small group to discuss applying the concepts, attend/host a community deep-dive session on a special topic, or discuss questions within the forum and Slack.

Apply the Problem Solving Methodology

Translate the frameworks to your company with active, hands-on exercises, worksheets, and weekly micro-projects. Expect to spend about 2 hours a week on active learning. A plan for action: Build a plan that you can take back to your company. Start small, achieve results, and amplify your impact.

Who will lead the program

Markus Jonsson

Markus Jonsson


Markus has lived in 5 countries and has assisted more than 1000 companies with their B2B sales around the globe. He is the author of the book ”How to Boost your International Business in 60 minutes” and he has developed the online tool ”Business Growth Canvas”.

Piruza Harutyunyan

Piruza Harutyunyan


Piruza is an entrepreneur with 15 years experience. Besides IT business development and mentoring activities, she owns an Armenian restaurant in Tallinn city centre and an Estonian bakery in Yerevan.

Reasons to apply

An evening program

BuildUp is flexible. If you have free hours in the evening after work, you can easily learn with us, and your main job won’t suffer. You will need to learn 6 hours per week of online content with only 2 hours of live calls with tutors, and then it is an offline meeting with your team in a local Co-working space in Yerevan.

You think you have a top job and salary...but do you?

Sure, if you are a VP of Engineering at Microsoft, you can ignore this. But if you want to be one in the next 10 years, please apply here.

Consumed by your “Levi” every night?

You don't want to work a second job your whole life, right? Why not learn now and upgrade your salary, so you can better enjoy life.

You’ll own the product

This is not just another internship. You’ll build a product with the team, and you’ll own the product with your team.

Your current learning from seniors is too slow

You may be learning in your current job. And it might be enough if you want to become a professional in 3-5 years. At BuildUp, you can do it in 4 months and with a whole new perspective.

And these other points to consider

All of our tutors are top-level professionals. We teach mindset, so you’ll learn critical thinking and complex problem-solving. You’ll be part of a multi-disciplinary team solving real-life problems. And eventually, see the incredible community that will mentor you.


1. Is there something I can start practising before the start?

The most crucial component of any sales is you, so start gathering feedback from your closest friends and self-reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Do I need a formal degree or prior experience to apply for the program?

We are looking for participants who have desirable B2B Sales Personality Traits. If you have some experience from B2B sales already is naturally good but not necessary. You need to be motivated and willing to put in proper efforts to succeed and learn and change your attitude and way of thinking/working if needed.

3. How is the B2B sales program structured?

The B2B sales program covers all the aspects of international sales, from value proposition to complete business model, from customer analysis to proper export market research. The theoretical part is minimal, and the main focus is on practice. Nearly half of the program assumes active sales and sales approach validation with the real customers.

4. Am I guaranteed a job if I graduate?

No, what is guaranteed is that you will practice proven methods and techniques, work with international professionals in export management, and thus become more confident as a salesperson.

5. Will I receive a certificate proving my skills after completing the program?

No, what is guaranteed is that you will practice proven methods and techniques, work with international professionals in export management, and thus become more confident as a salesperson. 

6. How much does it cost?

The beauty of BuildUp is that no payment is required at the beginning. However, you will be required to pay 1700$ USD eventually. We offer a special agreement called an ISA (Income Sharing Agreement), which means that you don't owe a payment when accepted, but once your salary reaches a specific level, you will be required to come back to our community, became part of it, and pay it forward in the form of 100$ USD dollars per month for 17 continuous months. Please note these terms may change in the future.

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